Goals, glorious goals…

5 Oct

Alright, I have to be honest. Making goals scares me. It feels like too much pressure. What if I don’t live up to them? What if I fail? And so, making no goals and having no expectations seems to work best for me.

My (still) rigid and controlled personality keeps me on a pretty tight line anyways, so who needs goals, right? WRONG. We can ALL benefit from making goals, my self included.

Goals are not written in stone, my friends. Nobody is holding a gun to my head, demanding I reach every and all goals I make. It may feel like I am doing these things to myself, however, but no external factor is to blame. In recovery though, I think that goals can be extremely helpful. Especially if you find yourself in that period of recovery where you’ve reached a healthy weight, you’re eating and not exercising obsessively, but you still have a list of foods you’re ‘not allowed’ to eat, list of things you’re ‘allowed’ to do, you still ‘have’ to exercise (just not as much), etc. It feels like anorexia’s annoying cousin- not remotely anywhere near the horror’s caused by the one and only, but it still puts a definite damper on your life.

So, with that said…goals. What are my goals? Well, first I had to think about what things are going well in my life and recovery and what things need a little push. So here are some things that I want to achieve this week:

1) Eat a bagel with cream cheese. This was recently added to my ‘Food Bucket List.’ I bought the bagels (gluten-free for me!), bought the cream cheese. I’m ready. I actually had toast with cream cheese this morning (BAM!), but I need to have that bagel. It will happen this week. And you all will hold me accountable.

2) Allow myself to have something other than salad for lunch. Alright, to clarify- I am not going to force myself to not have a salad for lunch, because most days, they are what I legitimately crave. However, some days, salad for lunch is just not appealing, but I do not allow myself to have something else because I ‘have’ to eat a salad for lunch. Well, not this week. If I feel like something else, I will allow myself to have something else. No anxiety. If I eat grains/carbs for lunch I will not die. Shocking.

3) Have at least one ‘fun’ night with my roommates. This one is SO important. My roommates freakin rock! We are all BFF’s- seriously. I love them. So…that’s the goal. The one week this didn’t happen in September was kind of suck-ish. It happened last night, (we went out shopping, cooked together and sat talking at the kitchen table for 4!!! hours) and it was amazing. I woke up feeling like a rockstar. This needs to happen more often (without sacrificing my work, of course!).

4) Try a new recipe this week.  I tend to stick to the same foods and meals. I don’t like to venture outside of my food safe zone. However, I pin recipes all the time, and I’ve decided that I need to start actually making some of these! I am excited for this goal, and can’t wait to decide what I’m going to make! I’m thinking I’d also like to make this a weekly goal… ;)

5) Try a new/old (nostalgic) ‘treat.’ I picked up some chewy caramels the other day (SPONTANEOUSLY!!!). You know those ones that you used to get trick-or-treating when you were a kid?

Ya, those ones. And I had one last night. And it rocked my face off. I was sitting with my roommate just before I ate it, while she was eating dark-chocolate covered almonds and she offered me one. Now normally, I would have politely declined. However, last night I was feeling brave. I didn’t hesitate or overthink it (that’s what always gets me into trouble), and I just said, “Yes, please!” instead. And I ate it right there. Immediately before I ate my caramel. And it put the biggest smile on my face. Two big challenges, knocked down. Winning. :)

Alright my friends, so that’s my game plan… It;s time to stop messing around and get serious about recovery- TRUE recovery. Who’s going to join me in setting weekly goals? Don’t be scared! The only person in charge is you :)

Don’t be shy- Tell me about your goals for the week! :D

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

9 Responses to “Goals, glorious goals…”

  1. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale October 6, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    I’m currently failing at my laundry goal (it’s totally still in the dryer — SO not sorry). It feels so rebellious!! I love it!
    I achieved some of my goals today — tried a new recipe, baked a pumpkin (holy heck are they ever AMAZING fresh!!), and tried a new fruit (pomegranate). Other goals for the week are to get enough sleep while working the overnights, and to challenge myself to SOMETHING food-wise while out with my Mom on Thanksgiving.
    I think that your goals are very realistic and achievable. Kudos!! Best of luck with all of them — I have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that you’ll rock their socks off! Because yes, you are just that fabulously awesome!! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! :)

    • thehomeostaticmindset October 6, 2012 at 2:01 am #

      Haha, good for you! Sometimes we need a little rebellion in our lives. :P

      Sounds like you had an awesome day! SO many things in one day- you’re amazing! I really want to try and bake my own pumpkin now though! Thanksgiving (or any holiday) is always a good time to challenge food goals…I know I will be challenging myself this weekend. This includes some things I did not put on my goals list… :)

  2. Heather October 6, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    Those chewy caramels are my favourite! Along with mini tootsie rolls. My goal this week: walk everywhere I can and try to avoid public transportation and try to fit more vegetables in my diet.

    • thehomeostaticmindset October 6, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

      Yummy! :) And those sound like excellent goals!!! Can’t wait to hear how they go <3

  3. glidingcalm October 6, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Great goals! Wishing you lots of luck! Be kind to yourself! You don’t need to do something to “deserve” to eat a bagel or pizza or candy…..even though that’s how so many people describe it. “I need to work out now because I ate this!” “Or, I didn’t eat much at all the last two days so I can eat this donut today.” NO! You deserve to be limitless and free, and spontaneous and happy! Food is to nourish you….not just physical but emotionally, and sometimes I realize that having ice cream is going to nourish me and make me feel good and satisfied, and thus it is an important food for me to eat! :) Hugs to you!

    • thehomeostaticmindset October 7, 2012 at 1:31 am #

      Thanks girl! Such an important reminder, too- thankfully, I think I’m in a better place now, so hopefully that won’t be an issue! I’m done with restricting myself and feeling unhappy. I really appreciate your words of encouragement :) These ideas will definitely carry me through these challenges! Hugs back at cha! xo

  4. sunny October 8, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    I always eat a salad PLUS grain(s) at lunch. Not just salad, goodness no. Read http://www.katheats.com …a typical lunch meal for her might be salad with fats + bread with cheese or nut butter + protein (beans , cheese, nuts, chicken, or whatever). A salad is incomplete with the starch !!

    • thehomeostaticmindset October 9, 2012 at 12:14 am #

      Thanks for your comment, Sunny. I should have clarified- I NEVER eat just a salad. Always a salad + egg whites/hard-boiled eggs or salmon, plus some hummus or pumpkin seeds (and a liberal drizzle of an olive oil based dressing). I definitely read Kath’s blog daily too- she is a wonderful role model! I’m doing my best to work past my fear of grains/carbs (especially when eaten mid-day). I have to say that I disagree that a salad is incomplete without starch, however. Nonetheless, it’s more my rigidity that I am trying to break.


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