Ponder this…

4 Jun



Can you imagine living with your eating disorder for the next 10 years? Considering many of us out there have probably lived with it for the previous 10 years+, I can confidently say, “HAIL NO.”

Why ARE you afraid to change? Why am I? THAT, is the question…


My favourite thing EVER

8 Jan


You’re welcome 😉

Much love and health xo

Outlasting the fog

21 Dec

An excerpt from “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo.

“…It reminds me of a man who built a home on a cliff by the sea, only to have a month-long fog roll in. He cursed the place and moved away, but a week after he’d gone, the fog cleared. Being human, we all have fogs roll in around our heart, and often, our lives depend on the quiet courage to wait for them to clear.”


Wait for the fog to clear. ❤

Much love and health xo


19 Dec

Remember: Every hour you restrict, ED gets stronger and stronger. You, however, do NOT get weaker. Be brave. Food strengthens you and weakens ED.

The first bite is always the hardest. Push through the fear, as you think of all the good ED has brought to your life…OH WAIT. Trick question. There is NOTHING good. Only awful. Remember that.

Fight for your life. Food is not the enemy– your ED is. And like Jenni Schafer said, “Make no mistake, your eating disorder will kill you if given the chance.” Don’t give it the chance. Find your courage.

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

Your worth is capped

26 Sep

Your worth cannot be changed. Doing good things, being successful, does not make you ‘better’ or worthier. Doing bad things, or being unsuccessful, does not make you ‘bad’ or less worthy.

You are a human. You are alive. Your worth cannot be changed by anything you do, think, say, feel, or what you look like.

Until you truly integrate this, you’ll be running on the treadmill, grasping for reassurance, reinforcement, and acclaim.

You can’t become any worthier. You just are.

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

Good old Albert

25 Sep

“Why, therefore, upset yourself about it (irrational thought X), when you will ultimately face it anyway, and when worrying about it may well cause you- until the age of 95!- needless pain?” ~ Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

What irrational thought are you constantly disturbing yourself with? Because you should probably stop.

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

Daily Dose of Inspiration

12 Sep

LOve to eat

it's ok

Face fear


PIck yourself up

affirmation recovery

Keep fighting,

Lauren xo

Prevention is key

28 Feb

Hey guys!

So, February 24-March 2 is known as National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week. This week long period is dedicated to the PREVENTION of eating disorders. Which makes sense. Prevention is the hot topic in all other areas of health. It’s the new trendy thing in health care, and for good reason. You don’t wait till you get athersclerosis- you behave in a certain way in order to prevent it. You don’t smoke for years and then try and treat the lung cancer that inevitably results. How effective is that?! You don’t smoke in the first place, or you quick ASAP. Kind of a ‘duh,’ right? Well, the same thing is true with eating disorders… and really many other psychological conditions which fall along the mental health spectrum. Prevention is so, so, SO much easier than treatment.

ED thoughts/tendencies and behaviours start years before a full-blown ED results. The trick is to spot them, or spot the susceptible individuals.

Ok, so…Let’s discuss some super early warning signs that may make one susceptible to developing an ED:

  • An anxious child and/or one who suffers from separation anxiety (especially from the Mother)
  • A perfectionist child
  • A child who never wants to do anything wrong and gets upset when they do
  • A child that always wants to please/makes everyone happy
  • A child who requires more praise and attention than others
  • A child that is always told how well-behaved they are my school teachers, sports coaches etc.
  • A child deemed to be ‘overly sensitive’

Ok, so these are red flags that you see very early on. I’m talking 5-10 years of age. Of course, not every child with anxiety or what have you develops an ED. No. Not at all. What I am saying though is that if you pair this kind of personality with the behaviours below, you’re in for a rough time. Now, around age 11 or 12 if you see/notice…

  • Body conscious/mentions body
  • Talks a lot about food
  • Develops interest in foods/diets and begins researching online or in books
  • Starts to count calories or just take note of calorie counts in foods

Notice above, that no behaviours are changing, or not anything dramatic yet. Just a veering towards a dark road.

Ok, so, logic would dictate that you pair an anxious, perfectionistic child with an interest with food/diets/calories, you kind of have the perfect storm, no? YES.

Around age 13-16…

  • Begins to diet, even though already at a healthy/thin weight
  • Minor weight loss (</=10 lbs)
  • Calorie counting and measuring foods
  • Eliminating foods from diet (could be just things deemed as ‘treats,’ or whole food groups)
  • Develops an interest in exercise, specifically cardio which is the most satisfying as it provides them with the biggest boost from seeing the calories burned
  • Skipping whole meals/saying they already ate at place X/saying they’re not hungry
  • Having to eat at certain times (ie. cannot eat past 7pm)
  • Small meal sizes, only eating low cal/low fat foods

Clearly, we are headed down a bad, bad path. If you didn’t catch it earlier on, CATCH IT NOW.

You see where I’m going with this. I don’t think I even need to finish. You just continue to watch a downward spiral- restricting further, no period, no social life. Paradoxically, individuals with ED’s typically continue to excel in school and competitive extra-curriculars until they are simply too sick and physically unable to.

Basically, the point of this post is this: ED’s do not develop over night.

The same way that heart disease doesn’t. It takes years and years. Catch either one earlier on, and your chance of recovery is much greater. Trying to treat, even more difficult. At least with atherosclerosis, Dr’s have a ton of control and can perform an angioplasty, put you on medication

How to be a badass: A stepwise guide

10 Feb

Step 1: Purchase this.


Step 2: Bake it up

fucking love baking

Step 3: Make some homemade chocolate buttercream frosting…


Step 4: Ice the cake. Or get your Mom to ice the cake for you if you don’t want to ‘mess it up.’

icing cake

Step 5: Eat the freakin cake. With family and friends, of course. Always makes it more enjoyable 🙂



Bake a chocolate cake for no real reason. CHECK!

Eat more cake

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

You are your problem

9 Feb


you are your problem


So simple.

You are your problem, but you’re also your solution.


Something to ponder…

Much love and health,