Let’s talk about spontaneity

2 Oct

Hello, lovelies! ❤

So considering my rigid, controlled past (and often present…#immaworkinprogress), I’m sure you can all guess that I’m a pretty spontaneous person. NAWT. Ya…basically the polar opposite. I’m a planner. Days, weeks, months in advance, I plan. Plot. Anticipate. Think through ALL the possible outcomes. I like to be in control (big surprise).

^ Fo real, fo real. Anyways, I am writing this post because I had a spontaneous moment tonight! I was studying and doing homework, #suchakeener, and I had the urge to bake. I’ve been wanting to make my ‘Supa Healthy banana muffins’ for a few days now, and I decided now was as good a time as any. So I headed upstairs and got my bake on. The entire time I was thinking, “WhatamIdoingwhatamIdoing ahhhh, this is too out-of-control for me, I did not plan this,” but I pushed through the anxiety. And I did it! Now, I know this is like a teeny-tiny, spontaneous-moment-accomplishment, but still. You gotta give me something, people. I actually still feel a little dizzy (which often happens when I get stressed/anxious). Geez, I have problems. Dizzy from spontaneously baking muffins. I’m a peach 😀

So basically, what I’m saying is, throw out the rule book. They are all self-imposed by YOU anyways and can be re-written in a moment. If you get the urge to go and do something, DO IT. Be a do-er. There is no value in sitting around, thinking intelligent thoughts. In recovery and anything else in life, thinking will only get you so far. Behaviour is where it’s at, my friends. If you want to change something about yourself, don’t sit around thinking about how you want to change, thinking about all the great things you want to do and accomplish. Just go and take action. You have one life- what are you waiting for?? Do you want to meticulously plan every second of it, or do you want to seize the moment and just go with the flow. Go with what the true, fear-less, uninhibited YOU wants to do. Just bake the damn muffins.

^ Always, my friends. Always.

Alrighty, I think that’s all I wanted to say for today. I’ll leave you with the following: Your task for the day…

Get yo life on! 😉

Much love and health,

Lauren xo


7 Responses to “Let’s talk about spontaneity”

  1. Heather October 2, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    So appropriate! I have been obsessing about all the things I wanted to do and be in my life and realized I was sitting in my room when I should have been out in the world kicking ass! I need to constantly remind myself this!

  2. aftertheivyleague October 2, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    “I’ve been overthinking about overthinking again” that is SO me also! My thoughts are exhausting I’m always thinking about what needs to get done next and when am I gonna do this and I have to plan for that…and ACK. I need to live in the moment more and just take things as they come! Great post!

    • thehomeostaticmindset October 2, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

      You and me both, my dear, you and me both! 😛 Thinking can often feel like a curse as it inhibits us from just going and DOING stuff! Such a good reminder for us all- myself most definitely included! 🙂


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