Friday Inspiration

19 Oct

Hello! 🙂

I am still swamped with work, but wanted to give you all a little inspiration. So applicable to recovery…


One mistake/hiccup/’labour pain’ does not mean that you are taking a step backwards. You may in fact being taking a step forwards. Your disorder is simply reminding you of what life used to be like. But you’ve been there. You know what it’s like. And you don’t need to go back there. EVER.

Here is a great song to tie in with this idea…Apply it to something in your life you want to rid yourself of- be it a romantic relationship, friendship, toxic relationship with your self, your relationship with your eating disorder, whatever. I would like to thank Chelsie for introducing me to this song and it’s relevance to recovery (even though that’s not it’s intended meaning. Ha!).

Keep on shining your light and showing the world the true, authentic, YOU!!!! ❤

Much love and health,

Lauren xo


2 Responses to “Friday Inspiration”

  1. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale October 19, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    Your friendship Spidey-senses must be tingling … I needed this SO BADLY right now. Email on its way. Thank youuuuu !! xo

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