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Your worth is capped

26 Sep

Your worth cannot be changed. Doing good things, being successful, does not make you ‘better’ or worthier. Doing bad things, or being unsuccessful, does not make you ‘bad’ or less worthy.

You are a human. You are alive. Your worth cannot be changed by anything you do, think, say, feel, or what you look like.

Until you truly integrate this, you’ll be running on the treadmill, grasping for reassurance, reinforcement, and acclaim.

You can’t become any worthier. You just are.

Much love and health,

Lauren xo


Good old Albert

25 Sep

“Why, therefore, upset yourself about it (irrational thought X), when you will ultimately face it anyway, and when worrying about it may well cause you- until the age of 95!- needless pain?” ~ Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

What irrational thought are you constantly disturbing yourself with? Because you should probably stop.

Much love and health,

Lauren xo

Daily Dose of Inspiration

12 Sep

LOve to eat

it's ok

Face fear


PIck yourself up

affirmation recovery

Keep fighting,

Lauren xo